X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon Golden Edition Motorcycle Helmet



Helmet X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon Silver Edition

With the X-803, X-lite shows what is possible with top-class racing helmets. The completely newly developed successor of the popular X-802RR scores with numerous improvements – These range from an extensively optimized aerodynamics and aeration to a further expanded field of view up to a significant increase in wearing comfort. In addition, the X-803 offers the new Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS) for more safety by quickly removing the cheek pads in case of a fall. The interior of the X-803, made from the carbon fiber high-tech carbon fiber Carbon Fitting Racing Experience, is responsible for optimum driving comfort and a pleasant fresh feeling in the helmet. an outer shell made of composite fiber“ have a standard version of the X-803 with record low values on the scale.


  • Extremely large field of view thanks to "Ultrawide" visor (including quick change option and Pinlock® internal visor)
  • Optional: 2D Racing Visor, prepared for tear-off visors
  • The "Ultra Carbon" version provides an ultra-light carbon fiber shell for an additional weight reduction of up to 110 grams compared to the already extremely light X-803
  • Exclusive "Carbon Fitting" technology for interior padding: the activated carbon fibers used are particularly breathable, 100% natural, bacteriostatic and antistatic without prior treatment
  • Cheek pads available in various thicknesses with innovative steadyfit“ for best seat of the helmet in every race situation
  • Separately adjustable air inlet openings at the front, head and chin of the helmet, as well as air outlet openings at the sides and below the spoiler, ensure optimum air circulation inside the helmet. Improved opening flaps and slide valves with higher throughput ensure a maximum of fresh air for breathing and around the driver's head if required. A big plus in hot racing as well as on a sporty road circuit.
  • Equipped with "Double Action" rocker on the left side of the sight: 1. Ventilation position, 2. Locking
  • Nolan Emergency Release System allows first responders to remove the cheek pads with a few simple steps to remove the helmet with a small application of force
  • Lubri-Trim Kit lubricant for sight seal


  • Outer enclosure: Carbon
  • Lock: Double D ring
  • Approval: ECE 22.05
  • Weight: 1300 g


  • 1 x Helm X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon Gold Edition
  • 1 x Pinlock disk (
  • 1 x gold mirrored visor
  • 1 x Lubri Trim Kit

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