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SR-SPORT, the racing helmet developed and used by Suomy riders at all Speed ​ ​ Championships from MotoGP to CIV. An important business card for SR-SPORT, which makes the most selective international routes its natural habitat, where technology and performance for professionals are combined. Now available for all demanding pilots. Excellent safety level, spoiler with dual function of pull-out stabilizer for maximum comfort even at maximum speed, thermoformed visor with anti-fog treatment on the entire surface, the outstanding features of SR-SPORT.


SHELL made of tricarboco material, blended fabric of ., carbon and fiber, bonded with resin and made in 2 different sizes (M and L), hand printed using the new technologies using aramid resins.

INTERNAL POLYSTYRENE of protection in two sizes (M and L). The special shape and the differentiated density structure increase the mechanical resistance in case of accidental impact; Equipped with channels in the wind tunnel, it guarantees perfect ventilation.

The thermoforming and non-injecting shaped visor is made from a flat film. Each visor is therefore a single piece with incomparable optical and mechanical resistance properties. In addition, with this system and the use of a polycarbonate film is made specifically by For General Electric, which is scratch-resistant on the outside and free of fogging on the inside, no bulky and sometimes distorting films need to be applied to the visor.

Designed and patented by Suomy, the D-ring restraint system has been tested by millions of users and remains the world's best restraint system.
The bracelet is equipped with a stainless steel D-ring fastener and a fixed strap button. The fixing button is located in a completely free and accessible area and allows easy and comfortable operation of the unlocking system even with gloves.
The special design of the D-ring system (patent of Suomy) allows a problem-free release of the restraint system, even when the gloves are worn: When the automatic button is closed, the strap forms a button hole which can be used in an extremely simple manner as follows: « Ring • to pull the release tab and release the D-ring locking system.

CHEEK PADS completely removable and washable, in various thicknesses for complete personalization of the end product.
INNER SHELL completely removable and washable, in various thicknesses for complete adaptation of the end product.
The removable inner shell has been designed ergonomically to ensure uniform and controlled support across the entire head.
The visible ventilation slots ensure that the incoming air flow is thermoregulated inside the helmet and the hot air flow is simply removed from behind.
THE INNER AREAS (pillow and inner shell) are made entirely of fine COOLMAX® ACTIVE fabric with INTERPOWER treatment:

  • Sweat away from the body
  • Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable
  • Light, soft and breathable fabric
  • Performance tested and certified by ADVANSA


shell of TRICARBOCO material, manufactured in two sizes (M and L), mixed fabric of ., carbon and fiber, bonded with resin.
Internal polystyrene in 2 sizes (M and L) to provide the best possible ergonomics with variable densities depending on size. Equipped with channels in the wind tunnel.
Visor printed and obtained from a flat sheet and then thermoformed. Permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment.

The innovative rear air inlet of the SR SPORT has been developed to further improve the internal ventilation of the helmet itself by utilizing the residual air flows that, thanks to the Venturi effect, create and ensure a depression in the underlying part of the helmet. This leads to a considerable extraction of internal hot air and the resulting maintenance of a pleasant temperature even in the back of the head (neck).

The ventilation system of SR SPORT optimizes the outer and inner flows together with the special shape of the inner polystyrene shell.
Driven by the air inlets and utilizing the Venturi effect, they optimize the internal ventilation. The rear spoiler was developed to reduce vibrations on the helmet and to shift the "separation point" of the aerodynamic flow as far as possible. This reduces the vortices that form when a body encounters an aerodynamic flow and also improves the derivation of the flows.
This guarantees a uniform and continuous distribution of the air flow within the shell, which is also favored by the suction grid positioned in the rear area.

The helmets are ONLY supplied with a CLEAR visor, mirrored or tinted visors are available separately

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SeasonAll year round
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