Suomy Speedstar Propeller Motorcycle Helmet (white)

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The ambitious Speedstar is the new Suomy intuition, which with more than 20 years of experience in competitions offers a new concept of a versatile sports helmet. Frequent wind tunnel sessions, which were tested as race helmets, enabled the creation of dynamic shapes, a strong aerodynamic coefficient and an enviable overall balance. The R & D, Design and Riding Test developed a package of solutions that improve comfort and versatility through breathable technical fabrics, the D-ring chin strap and the balanced fit for all driver types. The new InjectionVisor with optical class 1 and variable thickness provides the best view from multiple angles with Pinlock Max Vision. The integrated wide sunvisor extends up to the cheek pads and offers full protection from sunlight.

shell made of TRICARBOCO material, manufactured in two sizes (M and L), mixture of .,, carbon fiber and fiber, resin throughout.
Internal polystyrene in 2 sizes (M and L) for an optimal, convenient fit.
Shield Wide angle, thermoformed from a flat sheet. Optical Class 1
Internal sun protection Wide smoke from the outside is easily feasible.

FRONT AIR INTAKE The air flow in the upper front of the helmet can be regulated by adjusting the central part of the air inlet.

REAR AIR VENTILATORS The innovative air inlet at the rear has been developed to further improve the ventilation in the helmet by using residual air flows, which in turn, thanks to the Venturi effect, create suppression in the lower part of the helmet and in this way ensure The hot air is strongly sucked off, which maintains a pleasant temperature.

SIDE AIR INLETS The fixed air inlets on the sides allow the air suction in the helmet through the Venturi effect. The special shape can also reduce the turbulence to a minimum and limit the possibility of shaking the helmet.

The double spoiler has been studied to reduce the helmet vibration. They are fed by the internal air ventilation system and optimized for internal ventilation with the help of the Venturi effect.
This ensures a uniform diffusion of the air flow in the inner part of the casing.

To ensure maximum safety, the helmet must be firmly seated and secured correctly and securely, so that it cannot be removed by pulling or turning around the head.
If it is too large, it can slide over the eyes due to movements during the ride or turn in the lateral direction, which hinders the view to the right.

OUTER SHELL of tricarboco material, mixture of ., carbon fiber and fiber, compound by resin, prepared in 2 sizes (M e L), prepared by hand using new technologies providing aramid resins.

INTERNAL POLYSTYRENE- Protective lining, available in two sizes (M and L). The special shape and construction in different densities increases the mechanical resistance in case of accidental impact. The internal channels examined in the wind tunnel guarantee perfect ventilation.

Visor Optical 1 Class with Pinlock Max Vision.

RETENTION SYSTEM D-RING was investigated and patented by Suomy. It has been studied by millions of end users and is the best system in the world. The chin strap has a D-ring made of Inox steel and a button to fix the closure. The button is located in an area that is completely free and can be used with gloves: When the button is closed, the chin strap forms a loop that can be used as a ring to pull the tab and release the locking system.

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Age GroupAdults
SeasonAll year round
Sun VisorYes
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