Nolan N80-8 Ally N-Com Full-Face Helmet (black / red / blue)



N80-8, made for the brave. The new top full visor helmet for the road, the successor to the extremely popular N87.

As one of the first helmets on the market, the Nolan N80-8 is certified according to the new ECE 22-06 safety standard and thus meets the latest safety standards for maximum protection.

Pinlock® disk including


  • Polycarbonate shell in 2 sizes (XXS-M / L-3XL)
  • N.E.R.S. - Nolan Emergency Release System (patent pending)
  • Ultra-Wide Visor
  • Pinlock® non-fogging interior visor including
  • VPS sun protection with UV-400 protection
  • Automatic VPS retract system (patented)
  • Microlock2® (patented) restraint system
  • Upper ventilation system with AirBooster technology
  • Fully removable and washable Clima Comfort interior padding with environmentally friendly fabrics
  • Liner with innovative network design
  • LPC - Liner Positioning Control
  • Cheek padding with removable padding
  • Eyeglass fitting
  • Shaped recess for the cheek pads in polystyrene
  • Wind protection
  • Setup for N-Com
  • Pre-equipment for ESS - emergency stop signal
  • Approval ECE 22.06

N.E.R.S. - Nolan Emergency Release System

This patent-pending system allows forces to remove the cheek pads from the helmet while the helmet is still being worn by the motorcyclist by simply pulling on the red tabs on the front of the cheek pads.

Ultra-Wide Visor

The large surface of the S/R (Scratch Resistant) visor allows for wider visibility, even laterally, greatly increasing active security.

Pinlock® non-fogging interior visor

Thanks to the patented adjustment system, the extension of the Pinlock® interior visor can be adjusted from the outside of the visor without having to remove it. The full silicone enclosure (FSB), which Pinlock® licensed, enables the air chamber between the outside and inside of the helmet to be enlarged, further reducing the risk of fogging; On the other hand, it reduces the risk of scratches on the visor.

VPS sun protection

The sun protection formed from LEXAN* is treated with S/R (scratch-resistant) and F/R (fog-free) and offers UV protection of up to 400 nanometers. It can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning purposes and is fully adjustable. The activation system (patented) allows the sun protection to be automatically retracted in a standby position, thus simplifying emergency maneuvers that are required to quickly reach the maximum level of vision that the visor provides.

Microlock² (patented)

Availability depending on product version. It is a patented double lever holding system with micrometric adjustment. It consists of a thermoplastic, ergonomic opening lever and a second, toothed holding lever made of aluminum. The toothed lever releases the micrometric strip so that the chin belt can be opened only with a very wide rotation of the opening lever. This device minimizes the possibility of unintentional opening of the restraint system.

Airbooster technology

The exclusive upper system "AirBooster Technology" ensures optimum ventilation where the driver's head needs it most: The air is sucked out of the upper air inlet and pressed into the most critical areas, avoiding any scattering to ensure maximum comfort even under extreme driving conditions.

In addition, the ventilation system has:

  • an air inlet at the chin guard - this allows ventilation at the mouth level and directs the air directly to the visor, limiting the fogging
  • a rear exhaust - it is integrated into a rear spoiler and allows the removal of hot, used air

Clima Comfort liner

A new concept in which the interior padding is made of double density microperforated fabric. In combination with the upper ventilation system "AirBooster Technology", it distributes the air in the upper part of the driver's head. The neck roller is detachable, washable and adjustable so that it can be easily adapted to the shape of the driver and to the different settings resulting from the different driving positions.

Inner lining with innovative net construction

In combination with the ventilation system AirBooster Technology, the air flow around the driver's head is further improved.

LPC - Liner positioning control

This system can be used to adjust the position of the inner lining so that the helmet can be adapted to different requirements and head shapes.
Adaptive eyecup
This system was developed to increase the comfort for spectacle wearers. It makes it possible to create space for temples quickly and easily in the cheek pads. It is reversible so that the cheek pads can be returned to their original state. The cheek pads have an inner foam padding that can be removed from the fabric cover to facilitate washing.

Pre-fitting for the N-COM communication system

The helmet is ready and approved when the N-Com communication system is installed. Both the installation-enabling system and the compatible N-Com product itself have been designed to facilitate installation of the system

N-COM compatibility

Series B902 L - Series B902 S - Series B601R - ESS - Series MCS III R

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More Information
VersionPinlock lens
Age GroupAdults
SeasonAll year round
Sun VisorYes
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