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Motor and wind noise are harmful to hearing. Even at a speed of 100 km per hour, a motorcyclist is exposed to sounds of more than 90 decibels. The law already prescribes suitable hearing protection for noises above 85 dB. Regular noise above 80 decibels leads irrevocably to hearing damage. Noisy wind noise is a big problem for motorcyclists. They not only lead to hearing damage, but also worsen the concentration. According to various helmet tests, not a single helmet provides adequate protection.

Speed Winds

100 km/h 94 dB 15 minutes
120 km/h 98 dB 7 minutes
140 km/h 102 dB 3 minutes
160 km/h 106 dB 90 seconds

The MotoSafe is designed for perfect protection and optimum concentration when riding a motorcycle. MotoSafe contains two different and exchangeable filter sets - for normal and more demanding damping purposes. These special wind noise filters guarantee optimum protection while simultaneously detecting the ambient noise and maintaining communication and directional hearing. The green filter provides a cushioning for most situations. The yellow filter provides damping for situations with particularly high noise pollution. With this, the motorcyclist always has the possibility to choose the right damping for each hearing situation.

• Optimum protection against wind noise
• The traffic and the motorcycle remain well audible
• Two special, different and replaceable filter sets
• Perfect fit, fits in every ear
• No feeling of being closed
• Don't stand out from your ear
• Long life

The Motosafe earplugs are made of a particularly flexible and durable thermoplastic material. Due to the body heat, it adapts to the shape of the auditory canal. This makes the MotoSafe very comfortable. The MotoSafe ear plug with special wind noise filter is an open system, so you don't have a feeling of being closed.

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